Consumer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a meeting in person or virtually with one of our Finance Managers. This meeting typically lasts about an hour (free consultation).
You’ll be asked to provide information related to your income, assets, debt and retirement account(s). Using this information we will create your budget, once you agree to the budget your Finance Manager will take over managing your cash flow and you'll simply need to manage your spending money.
Each client will need to have the following accounts:
  1. Checking account for bill payments (the account B2B manages)
  2. Checking account for spending money (the account you manage) - Each person will need to have their own.
  3. Savings account for emergencies
Managing your cash flow is much like designating specific rooms in your home for their purpose. You wouldn't put a bed in your kitchen because it doesn't belong there. Each room serves a specific purpose, the same applies to your finances. Your finances must be organized so you can see what is coming in and what is going out each month. This helps you to better understand your financial well-being. When you mix your personal spending money along with your bill pay money you make it harder to see the big picture.
Every budget needs to be comfortable in order for it to last. We’ll make recommendations for adjustments to your budget for you to consider to find the balance between responsible and excessive spending.
Your cash flow will be managed through your online banking utilizing your bank’s online bill payment system to schedule your payments, this provides peace of mind so everything is completely transparent – you can see how much and where your money went.
The fee for Back 2 Basics will be paid monthly using your bill pay account’s debit card/credit card – payments are processed electronically through Square.
Back 2 Basics was created as a solution based on the concept that most people know what they need to do when it comes to their finances however things happen, what they don’t know are the best ways to counter them or they need an accountability partner to be more disciplined or they work so much they neglect their personal finances. In any circumstance, our goal is to execute your budget and ensure that you are taking the most aggressive approach to becoming financially sound while enjoying the convenience and peace of mind that this service provides.